The Department of Health and the HSE deliver a system to citizens, which is inefficient yet not inexpensive. Under-resourced departments and the lack of connected services are costing people lack of human dignity, stolen moments with loved ones and needless suffering.

How is a designer qualified to comment on the health service? I am a parent, a daughter, a sister and a friend and an advocate for children with lifelong illnesses, namely Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). The organic design research led journey of a group of parents concerned for the lack of services to a “call to action’ and development of a support network, will be documented soon on

Richard Corbridge and eHealth propose a better future for patient health services, too late for some, but a positive step in the right direction. Not unlike the UK and Australian models the micro interactions and standards will make or break the digital platform. As long as “people are at the centre” of the eHealth vision we will have consistent communication throughout the system.
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